Zirconia/Zirconium dioxide Specifications & Its Industrial Usage


Zirconium dioxide (ZrO2)/zirconia/Zircon is a white crystalline powder form. ZrO2 has a monoclinic crystal structure at room temperature and transitions to tetragonal and cubic at increasing temperatures. These cubic & tetragonal structures are stabilized by several different oxides like magnesium oxide (MgO), yttrium oxide, (Y2O3), calcium oxide (CaO), and cerium(III) oxide (Ce2O3) etc. Zirconia in cubic phase is a grade material with very low thermal conductivity, so a good material for use as a thermal barrier coating (TBC) in jet and diesel engines for higher temperatures processes. It is also used as a refractory material, in insulation, abrasives, enamels and ceramic glazes. Ability to pass oxygen ions through its crystal structure at high temperatures, its a super material for use in membranes & sensors.

Nano Zirconium Oxide: Particle size in 1-100 nm having more surface area shows different properties like water repellent or self cleaning effect.

Engineered ceramics based on zirconia and zirconia toughened alumina are attracting the attention of scientists and business houses all over the world because of their excellent high temperature mechanical properties, thermal shock resistance, wear and oxidation resistance, low thermal conductivity and reasonable match in thermal expansion coefficient to that of metals.

Available Materials:

1) Nano Zirconia (ZrO2) Powder : Purity: 99.9%  APS: 30-60 nm, SSA: 15 – 40 m2/g, Density: 5.68 g/cm3

2) Superfine Zirconia: Purity: 99.9+%,  APS: D50 0.3-0.7 µm, SSA ~15 m2/g,  Density 5.90 g/cm3

Special characteristics of Zirconia
High temperature tolerance up to 2400ºC ,High density ,High strength and fracture toughness ,High hardness and wear resistance ,Low thermal conductivity (20% that of Alumina) ,Good chemical resistance ,Ionic conductivity.

5-40wt% Water based dispersion of monoclinic Zirconia & Yttria stabilized Zirconia are ready made formulations to use in coatings on glass & other substrates. 


Additives for lubricating oils for improved antifriction
Catalyst support
Ceramic Enamels (ZrO2 stabilized)
Crucibles (ZrO2 stabilized with yttrium)
Engine & Pump Parts
Fireproof materials
Fuel cells
High frequency induction coils (ZrO2 stabilized)
High Temperature Ceramics
Ion Conductors
High temperature chemical process materials
Corrosion or wear resistance Coatings& Paints
Optical Coatings
Piezoelectric crystals (ZrO2 stabilized)
Refractory (ZrO2 yttrium stabilized)
Structural materials
Thermal coating barrier

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