Semiconductor Quantum Dots (QDs)are tiny light-emitting nanocrystals (2–10 nm). Compared to organic dyes and fluorescent proteins, quantum dots (QDs) have unique optical properties such as tunable emission spectra, improved brightness, superior photostability, and simultaneous excitation of multiple fluorescence colors giving them considerable value in various biomedical applications.

Fluorescent Nanocrystals are ideal for use in numerous applications in the field of nanoelectronics and opto-electronics or we can use it for further functionalization with various polymers and ligands. The size and composition of QDs can be varied to obtain the desired emission properties and make them amenable to simultaneous detection of multiple targets.

Fluorescent Nanocrystals can be isolated by using a polar/nonpolar solvent precipitation method. Normally, methanol is used as the polar solvent. Nanocrystals will begin to precipitate at 30-40% methanol in toluene. To impart water solubility additional surface modification is necessary.

There are two main approaches for the preparation of colloidal Qds:

1) Synthesis of Hydrophobic QDs

2) Aqueous Synthesis Routes

Hydrophobic QDs are insoluble in aqueous solution, they cannot be directly employed in bioapplications and require further surface modification to achieve water solubility, biocompatibility and stability. On the other hand, the aqueous synthesis route produces QDs with excellent water solubility, biological compatibility, and stability.

Mateial Availability

Our quantum dots are available both in organic soluble (oleic acid surface) and water soluble (carboxyl, amine & hydroxyl surfaces) formats.

* Photostable (no bleaching)
* pH Neutral 
* Semiconductor Grade
* Narrow and sharp emission peaks
* All colors equally bright
* Comparable quantum efficiencies (50%) throughout the visible spectrum
* The vial contain toluene dissolved CdxSe1-x/ZnS (core/shell) fluorescent nanocrystals coated with oleic acid as ligand.

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1) Fluorescent Nanocrystals (Quantum Dots)

  • Organic Soluble- Quantum Dots Alkyl Modified (450nm-665nm)
  • Water Soluble- Quantum Dots Hydroxyl Modified (490nm-665nm)
  • Water Soluble- Quantum Dots Carboxyl Modified (490nm-665nm)
  • Water Soluble- Quantum Dots Amine Modified (490nm-665nm)

2) Fluorescent Nanocrystals (Optimization Panels)

  • Surface Chemistry Optimization Panels –Fluorescent Nanocrystals 490nm-650nm
  • Emission Optimization Panels – Fluorescent Nanocrystals 5 Colors (Alkyl, Carboxyl, Hydroxyl, Amine) 490nm-650nm


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