Nano Silver Conductive Ink Marker

AgIC marker is a conductive ink marker that writes with non-toxic conductive silver ink. It makes creating circuits as easy as doodling. No shaking, no squeezing,  no smell, no waiting for ink to dry. Nano-silver conductive marker draws smooth lines with conductive silver ink and allows you to create functioning circuits instantly.  Non-toxic silver ink dries instantly on most surfaces.  The resistance is around 0.05-0.2 Ω/sq-m.

Reinste Nano Ventures Pvt. Ltd., one of the leading suppliers of nanotechnology related products, introducing first time in India “Circuit Printing Technology” which makes electronics thin, light, and large. By this electronic circuits become more accessible to people of all ages and levels of experience. Circuit prototyping has been limited to tools such as wires and breadboards. Now you can make your own circuit with pens and printers, and realize your creativity at your home and office.

Our objective is to provide the means for researchers to print flexible circuits quickly, easily and cheaply, in a lab environment.

In this way the “Circuit Printing Technology” intermediate alternatives to breadboards and custom PCB’s which will have clear benefits in certain prototyping scenarios. This technology is very helpful for both industrial and educational sectors. By this, we get prototyping quickly and accelerate the development process without redesigning. This technology has wide range of applications including:

  • Flexible heaters
  • LED matrix boards
  • Interactive toys
  • Advertisements
  • Lighting


  1. CIRCUIT MARKER: The marker has silver-based conductive ink that dries and becomes conductive immediately on Circuit Paper.
  •  Circuit Marker (requires circuit paper additionally).                                        
  • Draws up to 40 metre.                                                   
  1. CIRCUIT ERASER: This handy eraser easily removes the ink of circuits which are either drawn or printed, and does not tear paper. It has never been easier to prototype circuits with Circuit Eraser.
  • Rub out and edit Circuit.                                                                                                   eraser
  • Easily erase circuits drawn by Circuit Marker.
  • Redraw on erased areas.


  1. CIRCUIT PAPER:  Circuit Paper can be used to print and draw electric circuits with Circuit Marker and Circuit Prin
    ter Cartridge    Set. On this paper the conductive ink dries and become conductive immediately.
  • 10 sheets of A6 Circuit Paper
  • 10 sheets of A4 Circuit Paper
  • Best for studying
  • Best for experiments and paper crafts


  • A4, 10 sheets
  • More durable than Circuit Paperpet film
  • Has same conductivity as circuit paper 



  • 3 Red, 3Green, 3Blue, 3White
  • Easy-to-use, flat and bidirectional LED tagsUntitled led
  • Sticks on paper with replaceable sticker on the back


  1. PRINTER CARTRIDGE SET:                                                                                           
  • Set of CMY cartridges filled with conductive ink
  • Prints about 40 A4 sheets
  • Brother LC71 (LC1240 in EU) compatible


  1. STARTER KIT:In this, complete kit of useful components is provided to make small circuit for experimental purposes.

         KIT COMPONENTS stater kit

  • Circuit Marker & Circuit Paper Set- 1 Circuit Marker and 5 (A6 sheets).
  • LED & Battery Set-  (i)   2 coin batteries with leads, (ii)  5 LED’s of red, green and blue respectively.
  • Circuit Eraser


  1. CIRCUIT MARKER & CIRCUIT PAPER SET: It consists of 1 Circuit Marker and 5 A6 sheets.


  1. LED & BATTERY SET:                               lED & BATTERY SET
  • 2 coin batteries with leads and 15 tiny chip LEDs
  • 5 LEDs for red, green and blue

Starter Kit Demo

Circuit On Paper

How Circuit Eraser Works

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