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paintsPaints and Coatings

Reinste has tied-up with several key players in paints and coating industry for providing next generation Nanotechnology based paint and coating solutions .

We have Epoxy , Acrylic, PU , Rubber and Enamel based Antimicrobial coatings which can be eaisly applied to Metals, wood, concrete, in both internal and external surfaces.

Reinste along with its industrial partners can provide custom made products for its customers too.


masterbatchesPlastics and Polymers

Nanotechnology enhanced plastics with enhanced properties like aberration resistance, electrical and thermal conductivity, mechanical properties, strength, UV resistance etc have been made available in association with several key players by Reinste .

We are uniquely positioned to provide customized solutions for our clients looking forward for unique properties and solutions by using latest nanotechnology advances.

Master batches of PP, PET, EVA, Nylon, PBT, PA6, PA6.6 etc can be reidly made available.

We can provide CNT, Graphene based master batches for Strength, Conductivity and mechanical properties improvement.

Nanosilver based masterbatches for polymers and fibers are also available for animicrobial properties.


handshakePartner with Reinste :

If you represent an Industry and are interested in developing new products with amazing properties and unique features , or would like to jointly market products produced by your company by Nanotechnology inputs from Reinste to global markets .

You can write to us at

Contact: +91 120 4781212,4781217, 4781230 or 91 9810662669. We invite you to contact us for further information about our company and our capabilities.  We look forward to your suggestions and feedback.