Diagnostic/Biological Grade Gold Nanoparticles

Nanotechnology can be defined as the design, characterization, production and application of structures, devices and systems by controlling shape and size at a nanometer scale. Nanoparticles are particles with size that ranges from 1 to 100 nm in two or three dimensions.

Gold nanoparticles (colloidal gold) have been extensively used for its applications in biology due to their unique optical properties. In medicine, these are used to enhance drug delivery with interest also in in vitro diagnostics, novel biomaterial design, bioimaging, therapies and active implants.

The optical properties are conferred by the interaction of light with electrons present on the surface of gold nanoparticle. At a specific wavelength (frequency) of light, collective oscillation of electrons on the gold nanoparticle surface cause a phenomenon called surface plasmon resonance resulting in strong extinction of light (absorption and scattering). The particular wavelength, or frequency, of light where this occurs is strongly dependant on the gold nanoparticle size, shape, surface and agglomeration state.

In case of 10-30nm monodisperse gold nanoparticles, the blue-green portion of the spectrum (~450 nm) is absorbed while red light (~700 nm) is reflected, results in red color solution. As particle size increases, the wavelength shifts to red shift. As a result of this red light is absorbed, and blue light is reflected, results in purple color solution. As particle size continues to increase wavelengths move into the IR portion of the spectrum and most visible wavelengths are reflected, giving the nanoparticles clear or translucent color.

Available Products

1) Functionalized Gold nanoparticles

(Purity:<95%, 5 to 100 nm, Supplied in USP grade purified water)

Biotin Functionalised Gold Nanoparticles

Carboxyl Functionalised Gold Nanoparticles

Amine Functionalised Gold Nanoparticles

Methyl Functionalised Gold Nanoparticles

2) Non-Functionalized Gold Nanoparticles

(Purity:>95%, 5 to 400 nm Supplied in 0.1mg/ml Citrate Solution)

Surfactant stabilized Gold Nanoparticles

Standard Gold Nanoparticles

Reactant Free Standard Gold Nanoparticles

3) Gold Conjugate Antibodies

Anti-Rabbit IgG (H+L) – 10,15&20 nm Gold Conjugate

Anti-Mouse IgG (H+L) – 10,15&20 nm Gold Conjugate

Anti-Human IgG (H+L) – 10,15&20 nm Gold Conjugate

Streptavidin – 10,15&20 nm Gold Conjugate

Protein A – 10,15&20 nm Gold Conjugate

4) Organic Soluble Gold Nanoparticles

3 nm Dodecanethiol Stabilized Gold Nanoparticles (1 mg/ml in Hexane)

3 nm Dodecanethiol Stabilized Gold Nanoparticles (Dried)

5) Gold Nanorods (10,15 & 25 nm, Supplied in DDH2O)

Amine Terminated Gold Nanorods (PEG3000-SH & PEG5000-SH)

Carboxyl Terminated Gold Nanorods (PEG3000-SH & PEG5000-SH)

Methyl Terminated Gold Nanorods (PEG2000-SH & PEG5000-SH)

6) Gold Nanourchins ( 50 to 100 nm, Supplied in 0.1mM PBS)

Composition: Citric acid Stabilized

Purity: >95.0% reactant free

Adsorption Max: 585 nm


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