Nanomaterials In Textiles Industry

Textile industry is one of the most significant consumer goods industry. It produces textile materials for various uses like clothing, households (curtains,mats, carpets, bedsheets, kitchen towels etc) and technical textiles like in sports, medical, laboratories and filter materials. Application of nanomaterials in the form of coating and during the processing can help impart smart properties like antimicrobial, UV protection, dirt free and hydrophobic surface. Designing smart textiles has become need of the present time. The conventional methods used to impart special properties to the textiles do not lead to permanent effects and are washed away. Nanotechnology can provide durable solutions to the textile industry. Due to large surface area and high surface energy of Small amount of nanomaterial can lead to excellent texture and brightness. There are various ways of introducing nanomaterials in the textiles to achieve tailor made properties. In this, yarns, fibers & coatings play an important role by adding nanomaterials during process.

The nanofibers can be electrospinned with the fabric itself so that they donot come out during washing. Also they are mixed with dyes, chemicals and sometimes coated over the surface of the fabric. Coating nanomaterials over the textile surface does not affect the breathability of the fabric like in conventional coatings. The method is chosen depending upon the nature of nanomaterial we are using. The nanosensor fabric can sense any kind of danger for the people working in difficult places like mines. Biosensors can also be incorporated inside smart fabrics that can sense and possibly cease the growth of micro-organisms.

In the apparel industries nanotechnology has improved qualities like mechanical strength, colour, breathability, texture and thermal conductivity (warm/cool) Nanosilver has extensively been used to impart antimicrobial properties to socks, innerwears. This keeps away infections and foul odour. Phase change materials are used in body warmers that adjust to change in body temperature. It keeps warm in winters and cool in summers. Stain resistance and wrinkle free clothes have also been developed by the grace of nanotechnology. The nanofinished clothes can keep away possible infections to people working in hospitals and malls. Health care industry has also investigated application of some nanomaterials that can be coated over bandages for quick healing of wounds. Scientists are nowadays focusing to use flexible elctronic circuits in the fabric to be used in surgical gloves or bandages to monitor vital signs like blood pressure, temperature of the patient.

In the sport’s industry the fabric used for making balls, footwears, clothings is being developed to provide smart solutions. In defence sector bullet proof jackets have been developed utilising peculiar properties of carbon nanotubes. Some other nanomaterials are also being studied to develop defence textiles and uniforms of soldiers to help them survive in extreme conditions.


Reinste Nanoventures Pvt Ltd. for the first time in India has come up with wide range of nanomaterials that can impart excellent properties to the fabric.To impart antimicrobial properties, we have aqueous nanosilver dispersion, nanosilver master batches and nanosilver fibers. The fibers can be spinned with cotton, wool, nylon and other fabrics. The master batches are more compatible with carpets, mattress, towels, covers, socks, innerwears to keep them hygenic and away from foul odours and infections. Other than silver products we provide other nanomaterials like CNTs, metal nanoparticles, nanoceramics etc to be used in textile industries.

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